Company Compliance

Brindavan Accounts helps all its clients to ensure regulatory compliance with statutory requirements such as Tax requirements and ACRA’s requirements.┬áRegular alerts are being organised to be sent to clients systematically to ensure timely submission of Change Particulars, Annual Returns through effective secretarial assistance.

Companies are encouraged to ensure voluntary compliance with effective Corporate Governance policies in place and Secretarial assistance is provided to ensure such Corporate Governance by the team of Brindavan Accounts.

CFO Advisory services offered by Brindavan Accounts encompasses monitoring of such compliance matters. Compliance in timely submission of tax returns, payment of taxes or scheduling and management of tax schedules and instalment plans are duly monitored by Brindavan Accounts. Brindavan Accounts specialises in Productivity and Incentive Credit schemes and offers timely suggestion for claiming the PIC in tax return or cash rebates.

In gist the following are offered in Compliance Matter:

  • Compliance in Company Regulations
  • Secretarial Functions
  • Tax Compliance

Banking and other trade Compliance as the case may be based on individual needs of companies.
Please email to for secretarial assistance in compliance.