Assitance in IRAS Compliance

Brindavan Accounts support the following function:

  • Estimated Computation of Income Tax
  • Filing of Form C
  • Computation of tax
  • Tax Management Schedules
  • Utilisation of Instalment schemes as announced by IRAS and methods to utlise the same by the clients by timely submission of ECI and Tax Returns
  • Individual Returns of the directors and its management schedules
  • Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme
  • We help in documentation for PIC and advise completely on this scheme’s requirements/compliance to claim tax rebates or refunds.
  • Withholding tax
  • Tax for foreigners/directors
  • Tax for locals
  • Tax Management for companies in the long run
  • Responsibilities of employers in Tax Matters in pay roll, employees welfare scheme
  • Advise on taxable and non taxable perquisites and many more

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