Overseas Directors/Promoters

Singapore is rated as the 2nd best country in the world to attract Talents. Singapore respects, values and nourishes HUMAN TALENT in all walks of life.

Singapore understands that HUMAN RESOURCE is the best resource of all available to mankind. Brindavan Accounts supports all overseas Promoters to come down to Singapore and understand the terrain of business operations in Singapore and make the best use of the capabilities and opportunities that it offers to run operations in Singapore.

There are many sops for a newly set up company in taxation that the foreign director promoters can make use of. The Promoters can expect a value for money from our services such that they do not feel that they are not physically present here. WE at Brindavan Accounts can translate your business ideas into executable actions while you are away from Singapore. Our team helps to build your HR team, helps you in recruitment needs through its associate recruitment consultancy company , Binghamton Human Capital Pte Ltd, ( www.bhchr.com), build your trade requirements to a workable reality through its services and support in

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Obtaining necessary Licenses
  • Setting up Credit Limits and LC Financing
  • SBLC Financing

Other required financing tools based on each and every company’s needs and requirements. Wide network of referrals and associates in the country and in the South East Asian Region. Other CFO Advisory services stated in our CFO Section. Please feel free to have a chat with Brindavan Accounts to move forward in the business set up in Singapore.

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